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The Explore Analytics User's Guide

Table of Contents

Product Overview

How does it Work

From Data to Insight

Getting Started

Explore1.pngPreparing to Explore

Configuring a Data Source
Configuring an Oracle Data Source
Configuring a MySQL Data Source
Configuring a PostgreSQL Data Source
Configuring a DB2 Data Source
Configuring a SQL Server Data Source
Configuring a Microsoft Access Data Source
Configuring an Informix Data Source
Configuring a ServiceNow Data Source
Configuring a Salesforce.com Data Source
Configuring a Google Cloud SQL Data Source
Configuring an Amazon RDS Data Source
Configuring a SQLite Data Source
Refreshing Data Source Configuration
Explore Analytics Agent
Installing the Explore Analytics Agent
Installing the Explore Analytics Agent on Linux
Uploading Data
Importing a Google Spreadsheet


The Explore Analytics User Interface
Selecting Fields
Managing Favorites
Managing Tags
Data Sources and Tables
Field Data Types
SQL Expression Field
Drill Down
Defining a Filter
Cloning a View
Sharing a View
Creating a New View
View Editor
Working with Values
Using Multiple Tables in a View
Exporting View Data
Exporting and Importing View Definition
Editing a Long-Running View
Working with Lists
Reporting on ServiceNow Variables
Calculated Fields
List Mashup
Calculated Values and Calculated Columns
Calculated Values
Calculated Columns
Pivot Drill Through to Details
Coloring Rules
Formatting Categories and Values


Creating a Timeline Chart
Using a Timeline Chart
Predictive Analysis
Exponential Smoothing
Category Chart
XY Chart
Map Chart
Custom Map
Pareto Chart
Calendar Chart
Chart Drill Through to Details
Chart Animation
Editing Chart Colors
Mashup View
Mashup Calculations
Incidents and Outages
Computers without Antivirus
Scorecard View
Scorecard View from a Pivot
Scorecard View from a Timeline Chart
Editing a Scorecard
Scorecard Group
Composite View
Scheduling a View
Scheduling a Dashboard
Tracking Trend
View Parameters


Adding a User
Exporting Table Data
Report Development Life Cycle
Company Separation


Configuring a ServiceNow Data Source
Reporting on ServiceNow Variables
Business Service Reporting
Business Service Filter
Business Service Field
IT Service Management App
Latest Release Notes


Creating Analytical Applications
IT Service Management

Glossary of Data Analysis and Visualization Terms

Glossary of Explore Analytics Terms

Requirements and Supported Browsers

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